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Shopping For Luxury Motor Yachts

Shopping for the second most important purchase of your life can be challenging and in your journey you may come across some of the finest motor yachts for sale in the world. After a lot of research, analyzing and discussion with loved ones you will come to a decision. With the sheer choice and variety of luxury motor yachts for sale on the market and the amount of money involved, this article attempts to make the process a little easier for you, the would-be buyer.

Research the market of Motor Yachts for Sale

Research, research, research is the key to seeing what is out there. If it is your first boat purchase it is particularly hard to know exactly what type of boat you are interested in and more importantly where to look. The Internet can be a good source of information and if you wish to make further enquiries you can always go on to contact yacht brokers or private sellers via telephone, and arrange viewings.

If you are buying a new boat, boat shows are also a great way to gain knowledge of the current models on offer and if you have a question about a specific luxury motor yacht brand you can also pose this direct to the manufacturer through their website. A more informal way to get anecdotal information is by visiting a marina and speaking directly to the owners who will usually divulge information about their boat. For real first hand experience of a motor yacht, take a charter for the weekend and get an idea of whether the craft is suitable for your requirements.

Motor Yachts- Fit for purpose?

Motor yachts are suited to ocean cruising, navigating large lakes or rivers. Impressive design and craftsmanship and lavish onboard facilities also make them ideal for entertaining or traveling. You may wish to entertain at the dock, entertain friends and family whilst cruising or use for business purposes for entertaining clients. The great benefit of purchasing such a craft is their versatility. They are easy to operate and so are convenient for those with little boating experience.

Types and Manufacturers of Motor Yachts

It is recommended you have a good idea of the purpose of the yacht you want as different yachts will have different features depending on their intended usage. There are different types of motor yachts for sale and you can choose from flybridge, hardtop, open or custom built yachts. Potentially even more confusing, there are tens of thousands of luxury motor yacht manufacturers worldwide. The top Italian manufacturers of motor yachts, Ferretti, Mochi Craft, Pershing, Itama and Riva (all part of the Ferretti group) are recognisable for their high quality, luxury furnishings and sophisticated design. Whilst the British manufacturers Pearl and Bladerunner (Ice Marine) produce high performance luxury motor yachts.

Additional Cost Considerations

If you are sticking to a budget, remember that there are additional costs that are associated with buying a motor yacht as these can often be overseen in the excitement of the buying process. Find out about running costs, surveys, insurance and mooring as these may invariably have an impact on your purchase decision and the size of your budget.

In summation there are no shortages of motor yachts for sale on the market and there is the added complication of having to take other factors into consideration when buying a motor yacht. So do your homework to make sure you reach a good decision, to get exactly what you want in a motor yacht at a price that is right for you.

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